July 19, 2013

SourceForge's DevShare Offers Open Source Developers Monetization

Earlier this month, SourceForge--known as a central hosting and services site for countless open source projects--unveiled a beta version of a service called DevShare. DevShare is an opt-in revenue-sharing program "aimed at giving developers a better way to monetize their projects in a transparent, honest and sustainable way." The plan presents a way for developers of open source projects to monetize downloads and usage of their creations. After a few weeks of beta testing, some interesting reviews are coming in.

According to SourceForge's announcement of DevShare:

"DevShare is a new partnership program designed to make it easy for SourceForge developers to offer a selection of trusted open source applications to users, turning downloads into a source of revenue that can help fund their projects. This revenue will help these projects to grow and offer additional software to our users."

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