SpamHippo V2.02 – Email Spam & Virus Protection

SpamHippo writes “Today, Pathlink Technology Corporation turned loose a new and improved version of its powerful SpamHippo anti-spam and anti-virus email protection system. Available in both server software and commercial outsource email service forms, SpamHippo captures and devours spam and virus ridden email without putting so much as a scratch on valid messages. Utilizing spam trapping logic (STL), rather than error prone black listing and rigid firewall rules, SpamHippo provides options for both absolute and conditional handling of email, conforming to customer specific requirements and organizational email policy.

SpamHippo Server Software is UNIX and Linux compatible and integrates easily into any Sendmail and Procmail installation. The SpamHippo Email Service includes all of the features of SpamHippo Software, plus assignable POP accounts and a Web Email interface option. SpamHippo Email Service can be utilized by any organization with an Internet registered domain; it requires no customer hardware, software or bandwidth and no technical resources.

Highlights of the new release are – Personalized Sender Assurance Noticing, improved recipient identification control, outside email account message processing, an enhanced administrative and account holder navigation system, improved activity reporting and expanded statistical reporting, and Sender Queue preview and disposition.

“SpamHippo has been in heavy commercial service for the past six months. It is very popular with our portal customers and it generates a great deal of excitement with email account holders. Who wouldn’t be excited about getting rid of spam and viruses, and not losing valid email in the process”, said Joe D’Alessandro, Pathlink’s V.P. of Marketing & Sales.

“Our sale of email accounts and related services increased 24% over the past 6 months, while customer support demand for spam and virus related issues is virtually gone. It is great to recover resources and refocus on more proactive customer service”, said Rich Chapman, Director of Technical Support Services for NewsGuy.Com, one of the larger portals utilizing SpamHippo.

An unlimited email account server license is only $1,495, and includes a full year of phone and email technical support and unlimited software upgrades. The cost of a second year of software upgrades and technical support is only an additional $300. V 2.02 is a free software upgrade for customers with 2.0 or above installed on their servers. SpamHippo Email Service customers always receive upgraded service at no additional charge.

About Pathlink Technology Corporation:
In its twelfth year of operation, Pathlink provides a broad selection of commercial software applications and outsourcing services to organizations with an Internet presence.”