November 7, 2003

Special Boston Desktop Linux Conference Deal for LUG Members

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

Responding to many requests, The Desktop Linux Consortium has announced that Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) of Cambridge, MA has offered to support members of Linux User Groups (LUGs) in attending the Desktop Linux Consortium Conference at Boston University's Corporate Education Center by offering a limited number of spots for LUG members for US $25. The regular fee for this conference is $250, so this is a pretty good deal. And as a special, free bonus, you'll get to meet NewsForge managing editor Lee Schlesinger, who will be moderating the "Linux and Security" panel."In an effort to support the work that the LUGs have done to develop and promote the Linux operating system, we have worked with the DLC to give developers the opportunity to attend the event. When I learned there had been a number of LUG members that had not been able to participate because their company's budget did not allow it or they are volunteers in the Linux community, I wanted to step in and offer our support." commented Mark Hatch, chief operating officer of Integrated Computer Solutions.

The Desktop Linux Consortium conference is November 10, 2003, at Boston University's Corporate Education Center in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.

LUGs who want details about the availability, email

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