October 24, 2003

Special report: The birth of Samba

In this ZDNet Australia special report, the creator of the open source file-sharing software Samba, Andrew Tridgell, explains how he came to write
the software that has earned him Bulletin magazine's Smartest 100 award in the ICT sector for 2003.

I did my honours degree in theoretical physics, building a computer simulation of a proposed interferometer based gravity wave observatory. That was a
lot of fun, [Editor's note: for some, maybe] but I wanted something a little different for my PhD, so after looking around a bit I ended up studying
automatic speech recognition in the Computer Sciences Laboratory at the Australian National University (ANU).

As so often happens in research the really novel ideas that came out of my work were a long way from the original project, so after a few years I
ended up changing topics to reflect the direction that my research was taking. My thesis ended up being on efficient methods of sorting and
transmitting data, with perhaps the best known result being the development of the 'rsync algorithm' for efficient remote update of files.

Link: zdnet.com.au


  • Open Source
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