September 25, 2006

Special Report: Can open source messaging servers replace Microsoft Exchange

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

This week is taking an in-depth look at three of the
highest-profile open source-based challengers to Microsoft's dominant Exchange that
run on Linux. Over the next few days we'll review Scalix, Open-Xchange, and Zimbra. We'll also interview Scalix
and Zimbra executives about how their marketing efforts are doing. This
series of articles is a result of many reader requests for an
in-depth look at ways to remove Microsoft Exchange from their server
rooms while still providing Exchange-like functionality to executives
and administrative staff who depend on those features to function.If you look closely at the above article list, you'll notice that it
doesn't include an interview with any marketing people from
Open-Xchange. That's because we ran a

NewsForge interview with their marketing VP, Dan Kusnetzky, back in
August. In fact, that interview and our readers' responses to it were
the inspiration for this series.

Scalix, Zimbra, and Open-Xchange are not the only open source messaging
server products out there, but at the moment they are the best-known. We
will look at other competitors -- both pure free software and
commercialized "open source-based" -- in the future.

Meanwhile, read what our reviewers have to say. Feel free to chime in
with your own experiences. And if you have ideas for other "niches"
(i.e. storage, migration tools, games... whatever) that deserve a week's
worth of reviews and articles on, please drop us a line. We hope to do many
more Special Reports in the future, and welcome your guidance
on what they should cover.


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