Special Report: DDR and DDR2 Plans Revealed

Anonymous Reader writes “One of the latest topics of discussion in the PC industry is the future of memory standards – DDR vs. DDR2. There is a lot of speculation about the future of DDR memory vs. its higher latency counterpart, DDR2. Intel introduced quite a few technologies that never gained momentum from enthusiasts and industry leaders last year. All of these technologies were immature performance wise, price wise and value wise, which would explain the poor sales figures from various manufacturers. This year, however, Intel, along with others, have high hope for these technologies. Many feel that PCIe and DDR2 will attract a lot more customer base, which, in return, will bring down prices significantly. So, what will happen to the DDR standard? When will it become extinct? We have answers to these questions and a lot more information on where the memory industry is headed this year.”

Link: CoolTechZone.com