Speed Bumps Ahead for Network Security


Traffic volumes are growing exponentially across every segment.

Will faster network speeds outrun essential security controls? It’s a question that should be top of mind for securityprofessionals today. Traffic volumes are growing exponentially across every segment, with the fastest growth rates closest to the network core. Global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past five years and will nearly triple over the next five, with total volume surpassing the zettabyte (1,000 exabytes) threshold this year, and doubling again by 2019.

The majority of this traffic will soon move on ever-faster Ethernet links, with 10 Gb/s Ethernet becoming common at the access layer, 40 Gb/s Ethernet at the distribution layer, and 100 Gb/s Ethernet at the core. Key stakeholders in the Ethernet ecosystem are racing to complete new specifications and deliver compliant interconnects, but there is no equivalent effort to accelerate network security

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