October 3, 2007

Speed up developing Rich Internet Applications using OpenSwing and Spring

Author: JT Smith

OpenSwing is an opensource library of advanced Swing components, including a powerful grid control, that can be used, as the other controls, directly in the UI designer of the IDE: grid control and grid columns can be added using the UI designer and their properties can be defined using the properties inspector too. All controls are binded to POJO objects and data binding mechanism is provided to both grids and Form panels of controls.
Supported IDEs are NetBeans, JDeveloper (untuil 2006 version), Eclipse (using Window Builder plugin) and JDeveloper.

Using OpenSwing it is possible to develop both Desktop applications and Rich Internet Applications, i.e. two tier and three tier applications.
Spring, Hibernate and iBatis integration with OpenSwing is available too.

Link: java.sys-con.com


  • Java
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