February 20, 2001

Speed up your network's Internet connection or web server with cache

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes "Is your network's T1 line just not cutting it anymore? Or does your web server need a boost? In this article I will be examining how you can speed up your office Internet connection or web server with a Cache server. A Cache server works by storing frequently used web pages locally. So then when a web page request comes in, it simply grabs it locally if it is cached. This is all done transparently, so the user would only perceive the performance boost. In addition, it can cache various different types of data such as web pages, FTP sites, and gopher traffic. Plus, it can accelerate your web-server by sitting between the web server and the Internet. It then will cache web-server requests, and reduce the web server's workload. The performance boost varies between traffic trends, but we received an average cache-hit rate of 54% in our labs. Which means our Cache server was off loading half the traffic from our web servers, and Internet connection. So what do you need? More at OSFAQ.com."
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