October 29, 2009

Spin Banner Bling

Article Source Fedora Community
October 29, 2009, 8:00 am

Mâ°irââ n Duffy writes:

If you ever need to work with the Fedora Spins SIG on a project, youâÃôre in for a treat because theyâÃôve totally got it together and itâÃôs really easy to work with them.

My task was to gather some content for each spinâÃôs page for the new spins.fedoraproject.org design, and typically in these sorts of projects it involves a lot of back and forth and pulling teeth to get the content, craft the content into a usable form, and organize and make all the content available. I asked the spin owners to just get the content to me any way they could, and to my delight organized the content into individual spin details wiki pages so that myself and the websites team (word to hiemanshu and sijis whoâÃôve been cranking out the HTML and CSS!) could easily find it and use it. That made our job a whole lot easier, so thanks Spins SIG!

Anyhow, hereâÃôs the current try at making some nice banners to personalize each spinâÃôs details page:

Each of these banners will slide into the space below the blue Fedora bar on the spins details page. For example, hereâÃôs the Fedora Electronic lab banner in context:

Anyway, I hope you like these designs. Let us know what you think âÃì thereâÃôs still time to tweak them.

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