March 27, 2001

The spirit of the Amiga lives on

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes "The spirit of the Amiga lives on. But it doesn't just survive under the Amiga brand name. After all, to true aficionados, the Amiga came to represent everything good about computing: elegance, power, and simplicity. Unfortunately, it also came to represent the downside, as a beautiful, doomed technology. I often swore I would never fall in love with another OS. The Amiga had everything that seems to be missing from the wide world of computing today. No hard drive, 1 Meg of memory, and a single floppy? No problem. You could still run a veritable office suite, task switching at a resolution of 30ns. And the interface wasn't just workable. It *thought*. Or so it seemed, anyway."
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