April 22, 2004

SQLWays 3.7 released

Igor Popov writes "April 17, 2004 Ispirer Systems Ltd., a leading provider of complete and multi-platform database migration solutions, has released the new version of its innovative database migration software SQLWays 3.7 capable of converting Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL and Sybase Transact-SQL and Watcom-SQL stored procedures to MySQL, the worlds most popular open source database.

Support for stored procedures, i.e. business logic executed on the database server, is a new feature that has been recently added to MySQL version 5.0, which is currently available for testing and evaluation. The new functionality largely increases the number of enterprise applications that can benefit from the high performance, reliability and cost of MySQL.

Aiming to ensure easy and cost-effective migration for enterprise customers who wish to join the ever growing global community of MySQL users, Ispirer Systems has especially adapted SQLWays 3.7 for this recent major upgrade in MySQL. 5.0.

The ability of SQLWays 3.7 to migrate business logic to MySQL 5.0 is an extremely valuable feature for those who are eager to switch over to this award-winning database, stated Dmitry Tolpeko, General Product Manager, Ispirer Systems Ltd. I am proud to say that we can offer this feature to our customers even before the production release of MySQL 5.0.

We are going to closely cooperate with MySQL AB and will keep developing our product in order to provide timely migration solutions for the future versions of MySQL, said Dmitry Tolpeko.

Besides the conversion of stored procedures to MySQL 5.0, SQLWays 3.7 can convert data (including LOB), tables, constraints, indexes, views, stored procedures, functions and triggers between IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and other databases.

About Ispirer Systems
Ispirer Systems Ltd. specializes in automated cross-platform database migration from all major databases to the newest database management systems developed by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and MySQL. The company successfully works in the field of database migration since 1999. Its customers include world leading financial, social and educational institutions and global corporations.

About MySQL AB
MySQL AB develops and markets a family of superior, affordable database servers and development tools. The companys flagship product is the MySQL database server, the world's most popular Open Source database, with more than 4 million active instalations."

Link: Ispirer.com

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