April 5, 2002

St. Louis Linux InstallFest is April 13

Ed Howland writes to tell us about the St. Louis LUG InstallFest:
Event Location: Advanced Technology Center
118 N. 2nd Street
St. Charles, MO 63301
Admission: Free

The St. Louis Linux Users Group announces their 4th Linux
InstallFest. At this event, experienced Linux users will assist those
who wish to install and learn about Linux. Anyone who wants to know more
about Linux is welcome to attend. Over 40 people attended the previous
InstallFest (October 2001).

Linux is an Operating System, which acts as a platform between the
hardware and software of a computer system. Linux is an
alternative to the Microsoft Windows line of products. It provides
a wide range of software, while giving users more flexibility
and freedom from proprietary lock-ins. Please see http://www.li.org
for more information about Linux.

In most cases, all you will need to bring is the computer itself.
We will provide the Super VGA monitors, PS/2 keyboards,
and PS/2 mice. If you have older or non-standard hardware, you should
bring it along. If you're not sure, bring everything to be safe. Free
copies of popular Linux distributions will be provided on CD. If you
have a specific distribution that you want to install, you can bring
it along as well. Be sure to back up your system before you bring it
in, as the installation process may overwrite existing data.

The InstallFest is sponsored by the Economic Development Center of
St. Charles County. The EDC will be providing space for the installations,
food and beverages. They have a high-speed Internet connection that you
will be able to connect to if you have an Ethernet card.

Several members of the St. Louis Linux Users Group and other local groups
will be present to assist with installations and configuration.

For more information on the Linux InstallFest, please contact
Fred Smith (fsmith@showmelinux.net).

The St. Louis Linux Users Group (http://www.stllinux.org) is a special
interest group (SIG) of the St. Louis UNIX Users Group. We work to
promote the use of the GNU/Linux operating system and related Open
Source technologies. We also provide a forum to exchange ideas and
information with others in the local Linux community. Monthly meetings
are held on the third Thursday of every month at the Indian Trails St.
Louis County Library. The meetings include a question and answer
session and a presentation on a Linux topic.

Press Contact:
Tony Zafiropoulos
(314) 504-3974

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