November 4, 2002

Stallman a shoo-in for GNOME board right now

- by Tina Gasperson -

The GNOME Foundation is hoping that there will be a last minute rush of candidacy applications for the upcoming board elections. With time running out for potential candidates to place their applications, and eleven board slots to fill, there is an excellent chance for current candidates to be elected to a post on the GNOME board. The deadline is UTC 23:59 Monday, November 4th, 2002.A representative of the GNOME Foundation membership committee says the group is planning to evaluate the situation after the deadline passes.

As of about 16:00 UTC today, the eleventh candidate had just entered a statement. "We are very confident there will be a rush of new candidates applying at the last minute," says the GNOME representative.

The current candidates for the GNOME Foundation board, listed in chronological order according to date and time of posting their candidacies are:

Martin Sevior, Ph.D. in Nuclear Astrophysics from the University of Melbourne and GNOME hacker.

Richard Stallman

Miguel de Icaza

Bill Haneman, Sun employee and fulltime contributor to GNOME

Mike Newman, who says he is not a hacker in any sense of word, but has a decade of experience in the non-profit/government sector

Glynn Foster, another Sun employee who wants to see an "active Board this year

Bastien Nocera, affiliated with Red Hat and a GNOME developer for more than two years

Malcolm Tredinnick, a documentation writer

Michael Meeks, of Ximian

Daniel Veillard, of Red Hat

James Henstridge, GNOME developer.

Several current members of the board are not running for re-election. Board member Havoc Pennington wrote, "I am just swamped in stuff to do, and I feel like there are lots of
people who would be more effective board members than I am. Plus, I'm a bit burnt out after a couple years and need a

If no one else steps up to apply for candidacy, all eleven of the current slate will be elected.

The 2001/2002 GNOME board members, whose terms are all expiring:

Jonathan Blandford
Miguel de Icaza
Nat Friedman
Jim Gettys
Jody Goldberg
Telsa Gwynne
James Henstridge
George Lebl
Federico Mena- Quintero
Havoc Pennington and
Daniel Veillard.

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