July 15, 2002

Star Office 6.0 patch released

Herbert Carl Meyer writes: "Without any particular notice, Sun released a patch for Star Office 6.0 on 7/12/2002. A URL:

http://sunsolve.sun.com/pub-cgi/show.pl?target=pat ches/xprod-StarOffice&nav=pub-patches

I found it late Sunday night, looking for a fix for the spell checker in the word processor. The patch is about 36 MB for linux. Patches are also available for Window$ and Solaris.

For linux, the patch comes as a tar.Z, with a program in it. I applied the patch as root, after figuring out that root must have done a workstation install for him(it)self. The pseudo-registry for the patching user is used to locate the StarOffice installation directory."


  • C/C++
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