January 17, 2006

StarOffice for ECDL Press Release

Feargal Duignan writes "StarOffice 8 Training and Certification Material

Blackrock Education Centre and OpenApp jointly announce the launch of
their StarOffice 8 training material, Training for ECDL: A complete
Course in StarOffice 8. A first to the market, the material offers a
comprehensive guide to the most popular and regularly used functions
across the StarOffice 8 suite of programs.

In choosing to produce their training material for the internationally
recognized European Computer Driving Licence qualification, Blackrock
and OpenApp have flagged the comparable standard of functionality of
StarOffice 8 with that of the market leader. While StarOffice 8 is a
cross platform application, the training material has been produced
keeping Microsoft XP Windows users in mind.

StarOffice 8 is the latest development of Sun Microsystems’ suite of
office applications. It is a particularly inexpensive office suite and
it offers a real alternative to the established market leader MS Office.
StarOffice 8 offers integrated fully featured word processing,
spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications.

For further information contact Feargal Duignan


Blackrock Education Centre Publishing on +35312302709"

Link: openapp.biz

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