September 19, 2001

Starship Traders 3D game client released under GPL

Author: JT Smith

The source for Starship Traders is now available. From the announcement, posted at Librenix: "The long-running free multiuser online strategy game, Starship Traders1, has long had both a telnet interface and a www interface. In March of 2001 an OpenGL-compatible graphical client was released to run under Linux. It was developed using portable graphics libraries so that Mac, Unix, and a Windows versions could easily be created. Time passed, and no Unix, Mac, or Windows versions were released.

In fact, the lazy developer (me) still hasn't even gotten access to a Windows PC with the Mesa3D libraries and a C compiler, much less a Mac, a Solaris box, etc. Therefore, this initial release will be of interest only to Linux users -- and to programmers capable of porting an OpenGL program to other environments. The code should be easily portable to other operating systems although big-endian hardware architectures may present problems."

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