May 27, 2005

StartCom Enterprise Linux 4.0.0 Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "DistroWatch reports - After the successful distribution of the StartCom Linux 3.0.x series last year, StartCom Ltd. continues its efforts to provide free and open source operating systems based on Red Hat's Enterprise source code. Version 4.0.0 features the new 2.6 kernel infrastructure with better and more drivers supported, multi-core and hyperthreaded CPUs support to mention only a few. The improved storage and file system capabilities now use Logical Volume Management (LVM) as the default installation option. Also the desktop environment offers new enhancements providing a feature-rich, easy-to-use application pool, such as Firefox, Evolution and

The Maintainer from StartCom sent us at OSDir a nice selection of screenshots of their 4.0.0 release."



  • Linux
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