February 23, 2005

StartCom Free SSL Certificate Project

Eddy Nigg writes "Eilat, Israel, February 20, 2005 - StartCom Ltd., the open source vendor and distributor of StartCom Linux Operating Systems, is offering free
server SSL certificates through its new StartCom Free SSL Certificate Project. SSL certificates are used for encrypting and securing the traffic
between a browser and web server and are a must for e-commerce sites and others. However the securing of such web sites can be a rather costly...and StartCom decided to bring down a myth about so called secure and trusted web sites.
- During this month, StartCom build and tested its web site and certificate producing wizard with a handful of volunteers and eager testers in order to prove one thing: That SSL certificates can cost much less or may be even free of charge! Since the purpose of a secured and encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection is not supposed to give you the impression, that a website is trustworthy or even say anything about its identity (for this you should use your
brain and common sense), but to make the content between a browser and the server unreadable, StartCom thinks, that it's on high time to stop this multi-million business.
- But the best is to check for yourself the explanation and theory StartCom offers about the Why, How and its idea's of Free SSL Certificates and even try it out by yourself.
The simple, but interesting website is ready to serve the Internet community with free 128-bit certificates signed by the Free SSL Certification Authority of StartCom
and let it win another piece of freedom!"

Link: startcom.org

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