January 9, 2006

Startup to sell Linspire-powered PCs

editingwhiz writes "DesktopLinux.com reported Friday that newly formed PC builder/reseller SeaScape LLC will introduce its first batch of pre-loaded Linux desktop computers within the next few weeks. The systems will be based on Linspire's Linux desktop.

The fledgling Albuquerque-based company, founded last month, partnered with Linspire to use Linspire Five-O in all eight SeaScape microATX models. Customers will be able to purchase customized computers through the company website based on their particular needs and requirements, SeaScape president and founder James Rhodes said.

"Linspire Five-O is definitely the most user friendly Linux operating system to use on a daily basis," Rhodes said. "We feel extremely confident for the future of Linspire in the marketplace."

Link: desktoplinux.com


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