March 13, 2007

StatSVN plublishes stats for major OS Projects

Anonymous Reader writes "The StatSVN Team and ObjectLab are proud to announce v0.3.1 of StatSVN

If you want to know what happened in your Subversion repository, this is the tool for you!

StatSVN retrieves information from a Subversion repository and generates various tables and charts describing the project evolution, e.g. the lines of code over time, contribution of each developer, the evolution of modules, directories, files, the time and days when most
checkins happen, etc. It also shows the commit logs and integrates out of the box with ViewVc, BugZilla, Chora and others.

StatSVN generates a static suite of HTML or XDoc documents containing tables and chart images.

Version 0.3.1 includes, amongst others:

- DEMOS: We have decided to grab a few well known open source projects and publish some statistics on

    We selected some very large projects (Ant has more than 500,000 revisions!) to prove scalability.

    Amongst the selected ones are:
    * Subversion! (Well... we had to do that one...)
    * Hibernate 3
    * Spring Rich Client (java Rich Client library)
    * Groovy
    * Ruby (Yes the language itself, in c and the repo is BIG!)
    * Grails
    * Log4J (Apache logging)
    * Joda Time (cool java date library)
    * Felix (Apache OSGi implementation)
    * Ant (the Apache Build tool) which has more than 500,000 Revisions!

- New EnvReport function to aid in identifying common failure cases.
- Removed any dependency on JDK 1.5 (even COMPILED with 1.4)
- A few more bug fixes in both StatSVN and StatCVS.

StatSVN is available now for download at

StatSVN is open source software, released under the terms of the LGPL,
based on StatCVS, it uses JFreeChart and JTreeMap to generate charts.


ObjectLab is not new to the open-source community having used numerous OS projects, participated in a few and sponsoring:
- ObjectLab Kit ( a date calculation toolkit for business and finance;
- JTreeMap ( the only open source heatmap library for Java
- QALab ( QA Statistics for your build (now also integrated in JBuilder 2007).

We would like to thank our friends and colleagues for their help, reviews and suggestions.

Feel free to pass on to people who may be interested.


The StatSVN Team and ObjectLab."

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