February 5, 2004

Steve Jobs to replace Disney's CEO-Michael Eisner?

Kelly McNeill writes "Anyone following the Disney Pixar drama will be interested to learn about a new twist of events that was made known by the New York Post in a telephone interview with Disney "disidents" (NY Post's term for Disney execs who left their position on the company's board of directors after being upset with the way Michael Eisner was running the company.) Apparently when probed about who he thinks would be suitable to run Disney, the disident said, "There are five or six guys I believe can run this company" and "Steve Jobs would absolutely be one of them." Who needs an AOL Time Warner or MSNMB when you can get a Disney/Pixar or maybe even a Disney Apple Pixar? Hmmmm... the plot thickens."

Link: nypost.com

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