August 15, 2006

Stonesoft Firewall used for IBM Linux

Anonymous Reader writes "Stonesoft Corp.announced today that its StoneGate firewall has been designated a Linux Utility in IBM's Linux Utilities for IBM System z (Linux Utilities). Part of a suite of five solutions, this inclusion represents the importance of the security benefits offered by Stonesoft's solution to virtual servers within the mainframe, it also reaffirms the complementary nature of these benefits to the already robust z/OS security environment.

Linux Utilities is a suite of Linux-based solutions offered by IBM and third-party software providers that provides IBM System z (System z) customers with additional IT infrastructure functions that are quick to deploy, easy to install and offer a shorter time to deployment without the need for additional z/OS skills and resources. The other solutions, which have been configured for System z in a z/OS and Linux workload scenario, are webSecurity Inc.'s as well as IBM products Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL, Tivoli Management Services and Communication Controller for Linux on System z.

With the StoneGate firewall for System z, a demilitarized zone (DMZ) - or semi-trusted zone for network traffic - can be created in z/VM in support of z/OS workloads and the StoneGate firewall can protect entry points originating from the Internet and intranet into the System z hardware with each entry point governed by a different firewall policy."


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