October 31, 2002

Stopping Spam at the Server - ActiveState Webcast

Elaine Chong writes: "Join ActiveState for a free webcast on how to protect your network and
optimize corporate email usage by stopping spam at the gateway."

You'll learn:

The importance of server-side spam protection
How to safely remove over 98% of spam
How to easily implement email management policies in Perl

Who should attend:

IT Managers
System Administrators
Email Administrators

HR Managers concerned about email appropriate use policy

Date: November 7, 2002
Time: 10:00am PST
Location: Online
Duration: 45 minutes

Attendance is limited. Register

Webcast System Requirements

Windows 95 or higher with IE5.x and greater/Netscape 4.51-4.79
Mac OS 9.x family with Netscape 4.7x
Linux Redhat 6.2 with Netscape 4.7x
Solaris 8 with Netscape 4.7x

Link: http://www.ActiveState.com

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