June 6, 2002

StorageTek news from today -- Linux on the mainframe

LOUISVILLE, Colo. and CANNES, France - June 5, 2002 - StorageTek (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:STK), the storage services and solutions expert, today announced the availability of SnapVantage, a Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) software solution that, in conjunction with StorageTek's Shared Virtual Array (SVA(TM)) subsystems enables a total management platform including rapid deployment and recovery of multiple Linux virtual servers hosted under Virtual Machine (z/VM) on a single IBM mainframe server.

As the cost of managing and maintaining multiple server farms has become high or even prohibitive in many cases, organizations have started to look to server consolidation as a way to regain control of costs and resources. By creating 'virtual' server farms on a single mainframe server, businesses can drastically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) per user.

"Probably the biggest single barrier to adopting this technology, until now, has been the lack of skills for a key component of this new virtual server environment: Virtual Machine (z/VM) operating system," explained Tom Major, StorageTek Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Disk Storage Business. "The launch of SnapVantage means that customers with little or no VM experience can combine SnapVantage with the leading SVA(TM) virtual disk subsystems, SVAA management console and Snapshot software to quickly and easily begin converting physical servers to virtual servers. Users can create virtual servers in seconds using an intuitive interface that does not demand expert knowledge."

SnapVantage is ideally suited to companies looking for an affordable way to support enterprise-class server farms and data centers. With SnapVantage, IT administrators can create, configure and control Linux virtual servers on demand while eliminating under-allocation and over-purchase of capacity, permitting the use of 100 percent of IT resources.

"Companies continue to look for ways to take advantage of the total cost of ownership savings and improved service levels that enterprise disk storage on Linux provides," said Michael Vth, StorageTek Vice President and General Manager, Europe, Africa & Middle East. "The release of SnapVantage builds on our commitment to efficient, affordable enterprise disk storage for Linux users and fits perfectly into the fast-growing market space of server consolidation onto the mainframe."

SnapVantage helps businesses to simply and efficiently manage virtual server deployment in a zLinux environment. The benefits include:

Simplifies Systems Management: single point of control. System expertise unnecessary. Transparent to users.

Faster set-up of servers: reduces the time previously needed to establish a zSeries Linux virtual server by 99.99 percent. Users can create servers in seconds using predefined models.

Maximises IT Resources: uses significantly less capacity. One physical copy can be replicated thousands of times without multiplying the disk space.

Improves Server Uptime and Availability: provides more reliable, non-disruptive backups of zLinux server data via centralised SnapShot backups.

About StorageTek

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