Storix SBA LinunxWorld Product Finalist

Guest writes “SAN DIEGO, CA – February 8, 2004 – Storix Inc., the 2004 winner of the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award for Best Data Backup Solution announced today that IDG and LinuxWorld Magazine have once again named it as a finalist for the prestigious award. This is the third time Storix has been honored as a finalist for the IDG / LinuxWorld Magazine award, out of three years in attendance at the LinuxWorld Conference and Exposition.

Storix System Backup Administrator (SBA) provides a graphical user interface for centralized management and automation of complete multi-level backups of a single workstation or all systems on the network. The interface provides all the standard features system administrators have come to expect, while providing advanced features like backup scheduling, tape labels, tape striping, history reporting, performance statistics, data lifecycle management through overwrite and retention policies, support for disk and SAN devices, disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape support and support for both random tape libraries and sequential autoloaders.

“For Version 5, Release 1 (5.1) of Storix SBA, we’ve have made some notable improvements in the performance of pre-backup processing, along with extensive changes to support new Linux releases such as Novell’s SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 9 and RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.3, including the new UDEV and TMPFS features of 2.6 kernels, and MDADM-based software RAID support. Release 5.2, soon to be available, will include a backup data encryption feature, user-level access to backup administrator functions, and extensive enhancements to backup exclude lists†explained Anthony Johnson, President of Storix, Inc.

Storix SBA’s system recovery functionality is second to none in the industry. From start to finish, a Storix user can recover a system with its original hardware configuration, or recover to a system with a completely different hardware configuration, and have it operational and ready for user data restore in minutes, rather than hours or days. Unlike bare-metal restores, this is not a typical image based restore that must be applied to the exact same hardware configuration, Storix SBA provides a System Installation Interface that gives the user the ability to reconfigure the OS within minutes during the recovery process to operate on a completely different hardware configuration. The same functionality can be used to provision new systems and migrate existing systems to new hardware. “For our business customers, this brings substantially greater efficienciesâ€, added Michael Michalik, Director of Sales and Marketing at Storix. “The net result is remarkably lower system downtime and an impressive reduction of downtime associated costs.â€

About Storix, Inc.

Storix, Inc., founded in 1998, developed a system backup and disaster recovery solution for AIX, and expanded its product to support Linux in July of 2002. Storix is firmly committed to providing its customer base products with the most flexible and complete full-system backup and recovery solution. Storix is available worldwide through a series of Resellers and Distributors, or direct at

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