August 7, 2001

The story of a bulletin board

Author: JT Smith

David Vessey writes: "Last year, about this time, I wasn't getting many hours at my summer job, and I was learning PHP/MySQL. I wanted something to do with all the stuff I was learning, so I embarked upon the road to making a BB similar in style to UBB(which was the only one I had encountered up until then).
The first working release was in September, and it's still at SourceForge(

Anyhow, when school started in September, I lost interest and let it sit for awhile, up until Christmas vacation when I decided to put together my own web site(, I wanted a forum for it. And since I knew I could do it, I started out from scratch, since MyForum 0.5 didn't work all that well.

I worked on and off on it, and I finally got a fairly workable/stable version released around June of this year. Since then, I've been working on it on and off, more and more during the summer.

Around the beginning of July, I started thinking that the name MyForum was getting old and wasn't all that original. After about a week of looking around the internet at Greek symbols, or asking people I knew for a name, I finally came up with Tub Thumper, which is a British expression for ranting and raving, or something along those lines. From my personal experience, this is mostly what people used BB software for. So the name was changed(still haven't registered a new SourceForge project though).

On August 4th, 2001, Tub Thumper 1.4 was released. With this release, I beleive it puts Tub Thumper on the same scale as phpBB and vBulletin. All of the code is mine, except for some code in the login system.

I would really love to get some feedback on this, what you think BB software should and shouldn't have.

Anyway, thanks for listening! Now for the links:

Tub Thumper in action

Tub Thumper Admin Demo (user: admin, pass: demo. not sure how well it works)

Tub Thumper SF Project Page(Download here)"

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