September 26, 2001

Strategic Linux

Author: JT Smith

LinuxPlanet: "Want to guess how long it will be before Microsoft rewrites IIS? And if they announce that they have, how will we know they're telling the truth?
Very few people know what's in Microsoft's code. Even if it were very good, this fact alone would represent a tremendous vulnerability. The fact
that it's not very good allows us to see time and again the quality aspects of single source. In the few days since Gartner's report, there has
been yet another Outlook macro virus. If one downloads signature files that are added to a program that is added to Windows so as to
eliminate some of that system's obvious shortcomings, one can be relatively safe from this new infection. But nowhere do we see an outcry that
the underlying system itself be fixed. It has been, what, two years since Outlook's vast and expensive security problem was first exploited, yet
the single source company that publishes it still has not fixed it."


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