Strategic Test releases World’s smallest PXA270 embedded SBC

Bob Giblett writes ”
TRITON-270 measures only 31mm x 67.6mm x 4.2mm and runs Linux or Windows CE 5.0 —

Boston, USA — September 1, 2004. Measuring just 1.2 x 2.6 x 0.16 inches, the TRITON-270 is a complete PXA270 computer on a DIMM200 module that has been optimised for mobile embedded designs where low-power consumption and extremely small size are cri
tical. A complete Development Kit that allows the 270 to run out-of-the-box is available with Linux kernel 2.6 or Windows CE 5.0 pre-installed.

The Intel PXA270 (formally “Bulverde”) processor is ideally suited to high-performance, low power consumption multimedia and wireless embedded applications. The PXA270 is the first Intel XScale processor to include :

  • Intel Wireless MMX technology that enables high-performance multimedia acceleration based on the Pentium instruction set
  • Intel.s Quick Capture – a flexible and powerful camera interface for capturing digital images and video.

The PXA270 also includes the new Wireless Intel SpeedStep® Technology that delivers exceptionally low-power operation.

The TRITON-270 is supplied as standard with a 512 MHz PXA270 processor, 64 MByte of low-power mobile SDRAM (1.8V) and 16 MByte wireless Flash memory (1.8V). There are options for 312 MHz and 416 MHz CPU.s, 32 MByte SDRAM and 8 MByte Flash.

In addition to the standard PXA270 power management capabilities, Strategic Test has also included a Programmable Core Voltage Generator on the TRITON module. This industry-unique feature allows the user to vary the PXA270 supply voltage from 1.1 to 1
.3V and further reduce power consumption.

The TRITON-270 uses a 200-pin DIMM connector to bring out all of the PXA270.s internal signals. These include: integrated LCD controller for direct connection to a display, a PCMCIA interface, Bluetooth UART, Baseband/Multimedia interface, USB 2.0 .On
the Go. interface, Memory Stick controller, MMC/SD/SDIC interface, I2S and AC .97 interfaces, three SSP and three Asynch serial interfaces, keypad interface, GPIO and four PWN interfaces.

Comparing the PXA270 to the PXA255

Features that do not exist in the PXA255:

  • 256kB internal SRAM
  • USB 1.1 host controller
  • Baseband/Multimedia Interface
  • Memory Stick host controller
  • Keypad interface
  • Universal SIM interface

Main improvements to PXA255.s existing features:

  • Power management (Wireless SpeedStep)
  • Wireless MMX
  • More advanced LCD controller
  • 3 instead of 1 SSP
  • USB 2.0 device controller instead of USB 1.1
  • RTC now can be used with a backup battery
  • 4 instead of 2 PWM outputs

The TRITON-270 is available immediately from Strategic Test and is priced at $299 in 1000 quantities. Configurations with less SDRAM and Flash, or an extended operating temperature range are available with minimum order quantities of 100 pieces.

All TRITON modules are supplied with RedBoot. operating system boot loader pre-installed. The 270 can be supplied with Linux 2.6 or Windows CE 5.0 operating systems. A complete Development Kit is also available and will be announced separately.

About Strategic Test

With offices in Stockholm Sweden and Boston USA, Strategic Test released the world.s first PXA255 embedded CPU module in 2002 and followed this with the world.s first and smallest PXA255 modules in 2003. The company also offers custom design services
to clients worldwide.

Picture available at : TRITON-270 . World.s smallest PXA270 embedded SBC

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