December 9, 2002

Streaming Video Available of First openMosix User Conference

Bruce Knox, openMosix Project writes "Bologna, Italy (December 9, 2002) - Stefano Martinelli of CINECA reports that, "All streaming video and most slides for the highly successful conference are available."

This November 28th conference plus the release of openMosix 2.4.20-1 put openMosix into the SourceForge Top Ten Most Active for most of last week.

Linux Cluster: the openMosix Approach

Introduction by Stefano Cozzini of (in Italian)

Moshe Bar - The openMosix Project (greetings in Italian, speech in English)

Luigi Genoni - Linux as Clustering OS (in English)

Andrea Arcangeli - Kernel News (in English)

openMosixview - Matthias Rechenburg (in English)

Francesco Torricelli - AMD View (in English)

Italian experiences with openMosix clusters:

Giacomo Mulas - Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari (in English)

Gian Paolo Ghilardi - D.T.I. - University of Milan, at the "Polo didattico e di ricerca di Crema" (in Italian)

Gianluca Argentini - Riello Group (in Italian)

Francesco M. Taurino - INFM & Dept. of Physics University of Naples (in Italian)

Carlo Daffara, Conecta srl - openMosix Game Clusters (in Italian)

Papers in English for each of the five Italian experiences with openMosix clusters lectures are available from:

Many thanks to organizers DEMOCRITOS (the INFM National Simulation Center in Trieste: and CINECA (Supercomputer Center in Bologna: and to sponsors Qlusters, Inc. and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Press the "PROCEDI" button after meeting the viewing requirements at:

(Wait for the red "Attendere Prego" button to turn to the green "PROCEDI" button.)

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