April 14, 2004

Streamtuner: Audiophiles' Solution For Net Radio

Author: Chuck Talk

Chuck talk writes "This weekend I made a move to Fedora Core, after hanging up my Red Hat Linux 9. This article isn't about installing Fedora, there are plenty of articles about that that are available to help you with an install. The linked article does a really good job of it, so I leave that for you to read through if you are interested in the subject.

I will say that since I performed an upgrade, I didn't lose any of my data, and it wasn't necessary to perform a so-called clean install. The product works as advertised and actually upgraded Red Hat Linux 9 quite well. The up2date in Fedora Core uses Yellow Dog Updater, Modified to run up2date, and that portion of the migration worked like a charm. Due to the large number of add-ons that I have, it did take some time to update the rest, but thanks to Fresh RPMS, Dag Wieers, and others, upgrading was relatively simple.

One of the nice new packages that I found available for Fedora Core 1 is Streamtuner, and excellent tool for locating streaming audio stations from the web in a simple and elegant application.Streamtuner is definitely a diamond in the free software world. I am an audiophile (meaning I like to listen to music and enjoy it for the art of th music) and I woudl definetly recommend this application to anyone that wants to find music that suits their particular tastes.

The Streamtuner package is written by Jean-Yves Lefort, and it is free software, released under the terms of the revised BSD license (detailed licensing information can be found in the COPYING file accompanying the source distribution).

I commend Mr. Lefort for a job well done. Although the version that I have is not the bleeding edge of Streamtuner development (I am running version 0.11.1), it is fully-featured and is what I need for quickly finding the type of music I want to hear on the Internet. Streamtuner is the sort of application that brings the power of the Internet home, aggregating many streams of audio from all over the world.

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