Stronger Together: How Cloud Foundry Supports Other Communities


If you work in the technology industry, especially if you are paying attention to all of the exciting open source projects that come and go, it can be very easy to get distracted by the next exciting thing. The reality is that it rarely pays off to embrace something just because it’s new, and in fact this is a major risk for a project like Cloud Foundry. Our community is focused on end user productivity, above all else. This means that we work with other open source communities by first watching, then evaluating and finally participate where we believe it will benefit both groups. When the time is right in the evolution of a project — when technology is mature enough and proven in production — we then consider if and how we can adopt something into the Cloud Foundry platform.

The Cloud Foundry community’s approach to its Linux container runtime is a perfect example of our approach. So is the container networking interface.

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