March 1, 2004

Study claims Linux most hacked but ignores malware

In what appears to be an econometric approach to the analysis of server compromises and website defacement, a London-based group is claiming that
Linux is the most breached online server and the BSDs and Mac OSX the safest.

mi2g, which describes itself as a digital risk specialist, claimed that the number of successful attacks against Windows servers had also fallen - but
said it had not taken into account the numerous malware attacks against this operating system. Additionally, mass website defacements were counted as
multiple attacks - as many as the websites involved.

As to the reason for leaving out malware as a source of server or website compromise, the group's Intelligence Unit said: "The recent global malware
epidemics have targeted the Windows OS and have not caused any significant economic damage to systems running Open Source including Linux, BSD and Mac
OS X. Therefore, the mi2g Intelligence Unit study has been limited to overt digital attacks perpetrated by hackers, who target all flavours of
Operating Systems."



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