March 22, 2004

Suing the Government: Un-American or not?

Chuck Talk writes "Well, as if the SCO group scandal needed any more fuel to prove how simply misguided and over-the-top they are, they have decided to announce their intention to throw even more gasoline on their own funeral pyre. They have apparently begun threatening Federal Government sites with litigation.

For all of the distraction potential of this announcement, (the letters are presented in all caps in the story by Stephen Shankland of CNET) there is something highly disingenuous about its revelation. For one thing, suing the Department of Energy sites (Lawrence Livermore Labs and the National Energy Research Scientifics Comupting Center) is highly suspect. The United States Department of Energy can deny the suits and bring their Federal connections to bear against the SCO Group. The federal government can deny any further litigation until such time as the Novell versus SCO Group matters are decided in court.

If they do intiate action against the Department of Energy sites, it maybe a way of the SCO Group actually seeking an immediate exit that is inconclusive. They may be desiring to leave the actual legal arena before their fate is decide for them in Court. Such an action is not an acceptable outcome, but it may be that they have no more ability to continue to stall the efforts of others. Initiating more lawsuits may be a way to seek an end to their own suicidial end-user lawsuits.

One other thing that the choice of suing supercomputing sites would tell me is that this is still wrapped up in the M2FS so-called intellectual property purchase that the Canopy Group undertook from Jeff Merkey,. That purchase, in and of itself, is not without a checkered and litigious past. Further, if this is (as I can only suspect) the reason for the choice of supercomputing sites, then it only further imbroils the Canopy Group companies and will utlimately lead to companies such as Linux Networx becoming involved in the SCO Group litigation. This may ultimately lead to the self-destruction of their entire Canopy Group suite of companies."



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