June 20, 2001

Summary of the GNOME world

Author: JT Smith

LWN.net has the newsletter. Among the items: "2.0 continues to shape up with information being centralised on the 'dotplan'
pages at developer.gnome.org. Concerns over how tight the deadlines are and
the tough decisions that need to be made exploded into a major flamewar across
a number of lists. Martin Baulig, one of the 2.0 Release Co-ordinators, felt
he'd had enough and posted he wanted to step down: at the moment he is
considering what to do for a week. Underlying this are a number of complex
architecture decisions which have to be made so a lot of debate is needed.
Hopefully things will be back to an even keel soon and Martin will come back
refreshed and rejuventated."


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