June 25, 2002

Sun announces GNOME 2.0 Beta for the Solaris OE availability

Sun Microsystems announces that the GNOME 2.0 Desktop Beta 1 for the Solaris[tm]
Operating Environment - the modern desktop that delivers productivity solutions
to enhance your business efficiency - is now available for a test drive. Go to
http://www.sun.com/gnome/ to download it today.
GNOME 2.0, based on innovative technologies from Sun and the open source 
community, provides the power you need in a desktop: 

o Intuitive user interface that makes it easier to get work done 
o Fast and efficient access to files and information 
o Integrated productivity applications and utilities 
o Integration with networked enterprises 

GNOME 2.0 is a major new release of GNOME and introduces many important 

o Enhanced Nautilus file manager makes it easy to quickly organize and                  
locate your files 
o Steamlined user interface that further simplifies desktop use 
o Support for multiple monitor and Xinerama modes - makes all your video                
real estate usable 
o Advanced new window manager that's easy to configure and use 
o Transition tools to simplify the transition from CDE to GNOME 
o Support for the new Solaris 9 OE and the Solaris 8 OE 
o Overall performance and stability enhancements 

GNOME 2.0 Beta 1 is unsupported and is intended for evaluation and testing 
purposes only. 

To get started today with GNOME 2.0 Desktop Beta 1 for the Solaris OE, please 
visit http://www.sun.com/gnome/. 

Thank you for choosing Sun Microsystems, Inc. 

Sun GNOME Product Team
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