May 21, 2003

Sun certifies Ohioedge CRM and J2eeBuilder product

Anonymous writes "Cleveland, OH -- May 20, 2003 -- Ohioedge, the provider of #1 open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Server software announced today that it's CRM and J2eeBuilder products have undergone and passed all the quality and performance tests monitored by Sun Microsystems and has received J2EE-Verified certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ohioedge is one of the five companies to receive such certification from Sun Microsystems. Currently surpassing 12,000 downloads demonstrates a quick and widespread adoption of Ohioedge CRM server and J2eeBuilder technology.
"With multiple vendors supporting the Java (TM) 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) specification, there is a real concern among the tech-savvy business community whether the J2EE applications they are investing in are built to run across vendor editions of J2EE servers. Java Application Verification Kit (AVK) is Sun's answer to this very specific concern, says Sandeep Dixit, Co-founder & Chief Architect and further explains " With Java Verified (TM) certification, now not only we the product author knows, but the end-user community knows as well that Ohioedge CRM and Ohioedge J2eeBuilder are vendor neutral J2EE applications. Ohioedge CRM and Ohioedge J2eeBuilder run on SunONE, WebLogic, JBoss or for that matter any application server that supports the J2EE 1.3.1 specification. Java Verified is a cool concept. In addition, Sun's strict & rigorous testing requirements further endorses our products' robustness and quality along with the freedom from typical (& expensive) vendor lock-ins."

Ohioedge products are distributed under open source licenses and are available free of charge. At the core of Ohioedge's revenue generation model are support, documentation, training and hosting services. Currently Ohioedge has two reseller's promoting its products in US and Italy. "Resellers are our knowledge partners. Our partnership is based on we providing them a quality training and certification on our products and they providing their clients business solutions that add real value. Our goal is to build a strong network of resellers covering the globe," says Sandeep Dixit.

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About Ohioedge, LLC.
Since its inception in 1996, a singular vision -- "Quality software for enterprise" -- has propelled Ohioedge, LLC. to its position as a provider of #1 open source Ohioedge CRM server software. Ohioedge can be found on the World Wide Web at



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