August 27, 2001

Sun cries wolf over Windows XP

Author: JT Smith

The Register: "It is building a JVM specifically for Windows XP or, more specifically, Internet Explorer 6 (Windows XP
theoretically supports the latest JVM version 1.3.1 but Internet Explorer 6 is limited by its agreement
with Sun to JVM version 1.1.4).

Unfortunately, it will be too late for Sun: it will not be able to deliver its code in time for the launch of
Windows XP. While it will ultimately be available as a download, most of the leading PC vendors have
already decided either to ship their PCs with no JVM at all, or with a JVM from some other vendor
(including, in some cases, Microsoft's own obsolete JVM). It will be much more difficult for Sun to
change hearts and minds once vendors such as Compaq, Dell and Gateway mak their decisions as
to what they will deliver."

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