Sun to host Java Deployment Live Chat

Vic Cekvenich writes “Some of you are familiar with limits of applets. Web start (JNLP) allows for a more of a rich user interface then what we can do w/ Applets and DHTML. But deploying Java, applets and applications over the internet can be a challenge, including security warnings for registered applications and installation of current version of java by non-computer savvy users of our applications (can your father in law install and launch a WebStart application?)
The lead of Sun’s Java deployment team and usability experts (Mike Albers -J2SE UI expert will be there hopefully) will answer your questions at 11 AM California time and guide you. Here are the details of how to participate for FREE:

Above link should be enough.
Some people are *boycotting* the chat conference because of issues since about 2001(it appears that a individuals at Sun believe that they should PERVENT deployment – that they are doing us a favor, listed here:

One important issue was picked up here (Scary screen for registered applications) 15&tstart=0
Sun’s stance is that it’s RFE and will not address it with wide deployment of Java 6 (aka Mustang) in 2007, and not on JRE 1.4.x updates, and will not do word smiting to clarify the application is registered.
Another issue is deploying/update Java by corporate end users at organizations that have a LAN admin.

Sample “applets†sites:
One example of RiA is (click to run it) e.jnlp

MacroMedia and MS Longhorn also have RiA kits, you can read this as intro to RiA: l=RiA
RiA will be major part of SoA – Services.
Server side Java will be limited w/o Client Side Java.

You want to hear deployment answers from Sun people in charge? OK, today at 11AM CA time (2PM? NY time)”