January 28, 2004

Sun Java Desktop 2003 Reviewed

Anonymous Reader writes "Since the day I first heard about the possibility of Sun producing a Linux desktop, I was genuinely interested in seeing and testing it when it was released. Well, here is my chance and I am happy to be here reporting back to you. Make no mistake, this is not a Java-based desktop. It is Linux through and through. As a matter of fact, the Sun Java Desktop System (datasheet) is built on top of SUSE LINUX Desktop 1.0. SUSE makes a wonderful desktop in my opinion, so this was a wise choice on Sun's part. Complete with kernel 2.4.19, GNOME 2.2, Mozilla 1.4, Ximian Evolution 1.4, and StarOffice 7 this system should have potential..."

Link: madpenguin.org


  • Linux
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