March 23, 2004

Sun labels Linux sceptics 'luddites'

Only two years after publicly hugging a Microsoft executive live on stage in Sydney, Sun Microsystems's chief technology evangelist Simon Phipps has
branded opponents of open source as "luddites" and predicted current proprietary vendor dominance will crumble through the sheer collective will of a
new generation of IT managers.

"The luddites fighting the move to open source are certain to be defeated. Different parts of the software market may move to open source, but at
different speeds, but the move is an inevitable societal trend," Phipps vowed.

The latest bout of schoolyard name calling over open source comes as Sun attempts to sell its latest technology vision to the faithful assembled in
Queensland for a high-end Sun soiree hosted by vendor-neutral research and development organisation Distributed Systems Technology Center (DSTC).

DSTC chief scientist Andy Bond was somewhat more diplomatic, comparing the advance of open source to a behavioral characteristic exhibited by ant
colonies when resisting attack known as swarm warfare, a paradigm widely favored by military researchers investigating distributed command and control



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