January 20, 2004

Sun Microsystems embraces Linux, x86

The Sun Microsystems Inc. has decided that the best way to compete against the growing use of commodity hardware and open-source software is to expand
its own offerings in those very lines.

"In the past year and a half there have been some vast changes in Sun's view," said Harry Foxwell, a senior systems engineer for Sun who spoke at a
recent meeting in McLean, Va., sponsored by the Baltimore-Washington Beowulf User Group.

"We're not getting rid of our core technologies, but we are recognizing customers are interested in what they can do with low-cost commodity hardware
and what they can do with the Linux environment," Foxwell said.

This is a big move for Sun, which specializes in industrial-grade servers and workstations. Although Sun has publicly embraced Linux since 2002, it is
now seeing use for it in the enterprise computing arenas--its core market.

Link: gcn.com


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