August 28, 2003

Sun publishes new hardware compatibility list for Solaris 9 x86

- by Chris Preimesberger -
SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Sun Microsystems announced today that it has posted a new hardware compatibility list for its lower-end Solaris 9 x86 Platform Edition operating system and has populated it with 100 new third-party systems and 100 components.

You can view the list and even make comments on the individual items at this site. The items range from server systems to audio, video, tape drives, and other components.

The company also introduced a hardware certification test suite that enables integrators, system vendors and independent hardware vendors to self-certify their x86 platforms. Sun said all Solaris 9 OS x86 users and vendors are invited to participate, test, and list their products on the Solaris HCL site. The test site is located here.

Ann Wettersten, a software marketing vice-president at Sun, said that Sun has added more than 250,000 registered licenses of Solaris 9 x86 from industries such as finance, government, retail and telecom in the past four months alone. Licensing for the Solaris 9 OS x86 starts at $99 per CPU.

Currently, more than 1,000 applications from about 600 ISVs are available on Sun's Solaris x86 Platform Edition, ranging from database, security, and Web services applications to vertical solutions such as military-grade solutions for government and defense applications.


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