December 30, 2001

Sunday 30 December 2001 Install fest at Dana and Golda Hudes' place in Manhattan

Author: JT Smith

This will be a family style Install Fest. It will not run late, so arrive early! This Install Fest is made possible through the work and kind generosity of the Hudes family. This Fest will take place somewhere on or near West 72nd Street on the Island of the Manahattoes. To be admitted you must write to Dana Hudes and get the exact address. Read more for the official announcement.

Objective: Install any variety of Linux / FreeBSD/NetBSD / Minix in single/dual-boot configuration on the computers of those who come. Last time we had a number of laptop users. Anyone with laptop documentation on how to get into the BIOS of e.g. ThinkPad , please bring it. Also, I only have install CD's for RedHat. If you have CDs for other o/s, please bring them.

Priority is given to installations (new/upgrade) of the operating system. As time and interest allows, we will cheerfully assist with installation of other free software in the free o/s environment (e.g. MRTG under Linux).

Restriction: We're not here to help people with their Microsoft Windows (or any other non-free o/s, that includes Solaris as well as Mac OS) issues. That doesn't preclude attendees from making arrangements to follow up with someone for their non-free o/s problems privately at another time & place.

A short introduction to Perl will be forthcoming at a later date.

Here is general information about Install Fests:

Hardware: Bring the boxes on which you wish to run a Free OS.

Software: Bring whatever distribution CDs, boot and rescue disks, boot managers, tiny distributions, manuals, and anything else you want.

Important: Everything done to/with any computer at any Install Fest, and in particular, at this Install Fest, is done at the specific request of the owner of the computer. As with all human endeavor, there is some risk of catastrophe. Back up all your data, before coming to the Fest! In addition, make a list of all hardware and media you bring to the Fest, and check that you have all your hardware and media when you leave the Fest.

useful reading:

The LDP hardware HOW-TO:

Linux pre-install checklist:

Linux post-install mini-checklist:

Jay Sulzberger
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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