November 16, 2003

Sun's StarOffice still can't rival Microsoft

Mossberg says Star Office isn't all that, and that it is "the darling of those companies, software developers and users who have made hating or battling Microsoft into a sort of religion."

That's as opposed to bootlicking curs in the tres duh press who make their own religion out of shilling for Bill Gates, of course.

I think Mossberg is also trying to say is that MS Office remains popular because Windows users lie about being eligible for a student discount on office and MS looks the other way while they do it.

But here, you decide for yourself:

But these price advantages aren't as great as they once would have been, because Microsoft has been stealthily cutting the price of Office for consumers. A version of Microsoft Office called the Student and Teacher edition costs only $149, and can legally be installed on up to three PCs in a household. It is supposed to be sold only to students and teachers, but Microsoft also says it can be purchased by anyone living in a household with pretty much anyone who attends, or teaches at, any kind of educational institution. And, in fact, most stores ask no questions at all when you buy it.


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