April 28, 2003

Sun's Vikas Deolaliker Reflects on Opteron/Win2k3

Anonymous Reader writes "OSNews features a mini-Q&A with Vikas Deolaliker, Group Product Manager of the Competitive Strategy Group at Sun Microsystems. They discuss a number of issues that arise on Sun's stategy in light of the recent releases of the AMD Opteron and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and how their 64-bit business are (dis)imilar to Sun's. They also discuss about the limited hardware support of Sun Solaris 9 on x86. However, they do pitch sour grapes about Linux: "- Linux on 64-bit machines is no longer "free" nor open source. The 64-bit kernels are not available at www.kernel.org they are proprietary to SuSE and Red Hat. Also, SuSE charges around $450/CPU. The key advantage that Linux has in 32-bit computing is lost at the 64-bit level.""

Link: OSNews.com

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