August 2, 2005

Support for OASISOpenDocument format in eZ publish

Bard Farstad writes "eZ publish, the CMS developed by eZ systems, a new extension
for to way communcation with the OASIS Open Document format is released. This is the format used in version 2 and KWord ammong other applications.

The extension supports automatic document conversion to OASIS Open Document format
and imports directly formats:

  • OASIS Open Document ( version 2 )
  • Microsoft Word
  • RTF ( Rich Text Format )

Content publishing is made simpler by the use of drag and drop of your
existing documents via the WebDAV extension and the content is
converted and published in eZ publish. Images are extracted and placed
in the
re-usable media library.

Content is automatically exported to the OASIS Open Document format
with the template system used in version 2. Meaning that you can
the layout of your documents in and re-use the content in
your CMS system.

This is a step forward for eZ publish which already support several Open Standards.

The extension can be donwloaded from contributions. eZ publish can be downloaded from"


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