March 21, 2001

The surprise of Linux - what are we shooting for, anyway?

Author: JT Smith

"Today, a decade into Linux, there are millions of Linux users who, by their very use of Linux, are able to look down upon the owners of machines
running the commercial operating system. Lusers, we call them, and with considerable justification. Appliance owners. We have sympathy for those
who embraced the previous noble attempts, the Amiga owners, the OS/2 users. It wasn't their fault, so our hearts are open, but to us they're
lusers, too.

We're unstoppable. We can thumb our noses at everyone. We can taunt them a second time.

And if we believe that. we're fooling ourselves. Yes, Linux has grown in wonderful and unexpected ways, and has become the tremendously
competent operating system that no one expected. But step back and take a look." Read on at LinuxPlanet.


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