July 22, 2002

SuSE 8.0: Missing package <b>xf86_glx</b>

A little while back, I wrote a review of SuSE 8.0 professional in which I reported to have a problem with getting 3D working with my ATI Rage 128 card. Thanks to some help from Alex Jensen, here's how I was able to fix my problem. This also works for a number of ATI, 3Dfx, Intel and Matrox cards.According to the SuSE Support Database, SuSE Linux 8.0 does not include the package xf86_glx. This problem affects the following chipsets:
  • 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee
  • 3Dfx Voodoo-3/4/5
  • Intel i810/i815/i830
  • Matrox G200/G400/G450/G550
  • ATI FireGL 1/2/3/4
  • ATI FireGL 8700/8800
  • ATI Rage 128(Pro)/Radeon

You can find the full details of the problem at http://sdb.suse.de/en/sdb/html/xf86glx_int.html.

To solve this problem, you simply have to download
the xf86_glx package from either SuSE YOU or from another source, such as RPMfind.net. Install it, re-start X and you're ready to frag!

Again, thanks to Alexander Jensen for this information.


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