August 28, 2001

SuSE CTO Dirk Hohndel resigns

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
A press release at chirps: "SuSE CTO and president says Good-Bye!" The announcement sounds upbeat, and we wonder how Dirk Hohndel, former SuSE CTO must feel about that.

"After three years in the management team of SuSE Linux, Dirk Hohndel announced his decision to leave
the company. His years of excellent service and vision in helping guide SuSE to its present successful
position are unparalleled within the industry. Dirk steps away from SuSE to pursue his personal and
professional interests."

The statement goes on to share a snippet of Hohndel's history, and reminds us that SuSE is still going strong. Holger Dyroff is listed as the main spokeperson for the United States, but it is unclear who, if anyone, will replace Hohndel at the helm.

Xenia von Wedel, public relations spokeperson for SuSE, says that Hohndel is leaving for strictly personal reasons and not as a result of any company restructuring or downsizing. His departure didn't come as a complete surprise, however. "He's let it shine for the last month or so that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in an airplane," von Wedel says. "But he hasn't given us any information" about his future plans or the specific reason for leaving.

Holger Dyroff was unavailable for comment. Hohndel has not returned an email sent to his personal address.


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